Jonathan Maltz

Hi there, thanks for stopping my by little corner of the internet. In case you stumbled here by accident, I'm Jonathan Maltz, a soon-to-be Rutgers graduate and a software devloper, an avid traveller, occasional reader, and a mediocre cook when I have the time. I have this crazy idea that in our modern world a lot of problems are caused by people lacking a sense of community, so I'm really passionate about building community wherever I can. In the virtual world I do that as one of the admins of the Rutgers Hackathon Club, and in the physical world I couchsurf and will hopefully start organizing/taking part in some other fun stuff once I'm in SF.

After graduation, I'll be heading over to Yelp! Inc to help make their Android app even more awesome then it already is and hopefully create some great open source tools in the process. Until then, I've been keeping busy by helping maintain a couple of awesome open source Android Apps: HN-Android and the Github Android App. I also maintain a serious developer crush on Hans Dockter and the team at Gradleware, and I hope that one day I can make something half as awesome as Gradle.

I started this website because over the past couple of years, I've found myself constantly finding situations where I'm like "damn, I really wish someone had told me this two years ago". So, I started writing about those things and posting them on the internet in hopes that future folks will read them and be saved the heartache that those problems caused. I'm unsure if I've accomplished that goal yet, but I'll keep writing in any case.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to find me on twitter at @maltzj or just send me an email at jm1271 at gmail dot com