Is Conference Speaking Worthwhile?

May 11, 2019

Over the past few months, a few people have asked me about my experience speaking and blogging, specifically through the lens of what type of opportunities it has opened up for me. My thoughts on this have been rattling around for a while, so I wanted to share them broadly in case other people have similar questions.

Some background

First, a bit of level-setting about exactly how much speaking/blogging I’ve done over the past couple of years. Since April 2017 I have:

  1. Given tech talks at eight different professional conferences. These talks were generally well received and were well-reviewed. If you're curious about the topics, you can find all of them on my speakerdeck page
  2. I’ve also published ~10 blog posts on technical-ish topics.
  3. That content has gotten featured on a couple of Twitter lists and one of my decks was “Featured” on Speakerdeck for a day.

That works out to around 1 conference talk a quarter and one blog post a quarter. That roughly translates to "more content than your average bear, but certainly not a lot."

What has all this done for me?

First, let’s start by talking about the benefits.

What HASN’T this done for me?

Now that we’ve talked about what conference speaking has done for me, let’s talk about what it hasn’t done for me.

So What?

So, where’s all that leave us? Good question! I don’t know! I think my takeaways after two years of conference speaking are roughly:

Discussion, links, and tweets

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